Paper Rox Scissors was founded on one guiding principle: Words matter.

I know this is true because for the last decade I’ve manipulated the English language for the sole purpose of making an impact. Whether it was writing letters to raise millions for national nonprofits, crafting corporate collateral to procure positive press, or publishing politically charged op-eds in daily newspapers that more times than not resulted in a week’s worth of hate mail, the words I write compel readers to react.

That’s why I started this company. Words have power, and when combined with the other necessary components – eye-popping design and a strategic marketing plan – well-constructed creative can move mountains. Or, in a more realistic context, whatever you’re selling – products, ideas, lifestyles – you name it, and we’ve got our finger on its pulse.

At Paper Rox Scissors, we work with you, not for you. We think talent trumps tenure. We boost bottom lines. And though the words we write are capable of the unthinkable, we never mince them. Unless you ask us to.

Located in the center of the universe – New York City – Paper Rox Scissors offers a full suite of copy and creative consulting services tailored to your needs:

  • Bios
  • Blogging
  • Branding & Identity
  • Brochures
  • Copy Editing
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Creative Strategy
  • Direct Mail & Marketing
  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Greeting Cards
  • Invitations
  • Logo Design
  • Microblogging
  • Newsletters
  • Nonprofit Fundraising
  • Online Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Placement PR
  • Publicity
  • Press Releases
  • Print Advertising
  • Print Promos & Flyers
  • Sales Copy
  • Social Networking
  • Web Copy & Design

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mikey Rox
Paper Rox Scissors

“After a lifetime in the corporate high-tech world, including knowing people like Andy Grove, ex-president of Intel Corp, I’d recommend Mikey as someone who will get the job done in his field. He is ambitious, driven, smart and, yet, a really decent guy to all he meets.”
Stephen Kay
Regional Applications Specialist, Intel Corporation

“We were looking for a writer who could take a look at our existing online project and create a new voice that fully encompassed our presence. Paper Rox Scissors exceeded our expections from day one.”
Street Art Syndicate

“[Mikey Rox] is a very bright writer and innovative journalist, and a real pleasure to work with as well. I respect and appreciate his effective style and his brains, and recommend him to one and all.”
Bob Witeck
CEO, Witeck-Combs Communications Inc.

“Mr. Rox has worked diligently and ethically to bring exceptional reviews and articles to the LGBT community in the area that we serve. His reviews in The Rainbow Times are consistent with current pop culture themes. Mikey, without any doubt, represents the new era of writers who keep in mind objectivity, a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects. The thing that impresses me the most about Mikey is his character. He is ethical, serious and responsible, and it shows in the quality of his stories.”
Gricel Martinez Ocasio
Publisher, The Rainbow Times

“Mikey was unquestionably the most important freelance contributor to the magazine of which I was editor-in-chief. He tackled everything from news items to complex features with skill and determination. Given the opportunity, I would gladly collaborate with him again.”
Lois Elfman
Editor-in-Chief, Scene magazine

“Mikey is a great writer and has written for the various publications I produce for our organization. He brings a very fresh and new way of looking at the world. Witty, quick and a pleasure to work with.”
Jill Murphy
Senior Manager of Member Services, DMA Nonprofit Federation

“Mikey has a unique talent of capturing an organization’s message or topic and creatively engaging the reader throughout the copy. His approach is fresh, and his writing style keeps you reading until the end.”
Mike DeFlavia
Associate Director of Membership, National Trust for Historic Preservation

“In early 2006, Mike proposed a ‘Young Professionals’ column for Marketing AdVents. Since then, he’s written provocative quarterly columns with nary a nudge. Give Mike a shot. He won’t disappoint you.”
Nancy Scott
Editor, DMAW Marketing AdVents

“Working with Mikey Rox is as fun as it is effective. His creativity grows an energy in our meetings that is hard to match elsewhere. Whether we’re looking for fresh Web copy or holding a creative brainstorming session … Mikey Rox always delivers.”
G. Schmigel
Deft Industries

“An absolutely fabulous experience! Working with a vocabulary from an unfamiliar industry, Mikey created a beautiful and effective Web presence. He had uncanny attention to detail. I am lucky to have been in such capable hands!”
Lisa Sawin
Owner, BowWow Barber

“Mikey Rox is a highly talented expert in his field. I work extensively in the visual arts and have long sought after someone with a sharp eye for copy and detail, to compliment my design work and my clientele. Mikey’s editorial help is the perfect missing link and complements my needs. He comes with my high and sincere recommendation. Not only is he very capable but a cool headed, likable, true professional.”
Rod Berg
Owner, Rod Berg Creative

“I could not be more satisfied with the e-marketing performed by Mikey Rox of Paper Rox Scissors. I was very nervous about the launch of my book, but Mikey managed to drum up a lot of terrific blog reviews and immediate exposure. His work literally added sales and website hits. I found Mikey innovative, efficient and friendly, a rare combination these days.”
Author Laura Nadler Scott

“Working with Paper Rox Scissors is always a pleasurable experience. Timely responses, superior quality of work, and multiple options always provided makes my life much simpler – and in the fast-paced world of fashion, simpler is key!”
Adam Lilly
Web Content Manager, DKNY

“Mikey is a wonderful and dedicated business partner. He has helped me tremendously with my start-up business, navigating me through the proper channels to get it off the ground, including website design and development and putting me in touch with the right people in order to ensure a successful kickoff. He’s always willing to lend an ear and to give solid advice, even for the smallest of detail. If you’re looking for a partner to truly partner with you every step of the way, Paper Rox Scissors is the answer.”
Adrienne Sforza
Owner, Adrienne Sforza Strategic Research

“Mikey Rox and Paper Rox Scissors is always the first place we turn to when we need creative editorial for a press release, talent bio or entertainment feature. Mikey’s work is consistently top notch. As a former editor, he knows how to find the perfect angle. He also understands deadlines and is always fast and reliable. We consider Mikey part of the team at Project Publicity.”
Len Evans
Co-Founder, Project Publicity

“We have worked with Mikey for the past year on a variety of projects and have always been happy with his work. Mikey has produced blogs, e-mail campaigns, newsletters, website copy, as well as acted as editor to copy written in-house. Mikey is creative, has an eye for detail, and he gets the job done on time. Around VisibleU, he is considered part of the team.”
George Hermann
Business Development Manager, VisibleU

“Paper Rox Scissors helped me launch a new practice in Williamsburg. The team’s design and copy of my brochure and signage have been instrumental in helping me build a busy practice. We had an instant rapport, and Mikey understood the message and image I was trying to project. I have referred him to several colleagues and they have been equally satisfied. He’s bright, articulate, and very professional, and I found him quite easy to work with.”
Dr. Charles Franchino
Owner, North Williamsburg Chiropractic

“Paper Rox Scissors has been a fantastic to work with. Mikey assists our startup with PR, copywriting, and social media. We tried several other options before finding Paper Rox Scissors – from bots to freelancers – and we couldn’t be happier. Mikey is professional, affordable, creative and, most importantly, he gets the job done. If you are lucky enough to have him on your team, you will have gained a tremendous asset.”
Zuhairah Scott
Founder, Kahnoodle

“From getting us mentioned in magazines to segments on national TV shows like “Good Morning America,” Mikey has an unbelievably creative mind and works to make things happen. He’s efficient and incredible to do business with.”
Fred Hajjar
Founder, TV Store Online

“Paper Rox Scissors has done an excellent job in creative writing for Findmytap. These guys made an effort to understand our product, our audience, and what we wanted to communicate. Writing style is attention grabbing, witty, and to the point. They won’t hesitate in challenging clients’ ideas and focus on overall success of the project. Would strongly recommend!”
Puneet Agarwal
Developer, Findmytap

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008 Award, “Is Your Blog Going for the Gold?”, Techipedia, 2009

Bronze MAXI Award, Nonprofit Renewals, Direct Marketing Association of Washington, 2008

Excellence in Journalism Award, Op-Ed Category, Second Place, NLGJA, 2007

Rising Star Award, Fundraising Professionals of the Year, FundRaising Success magazine, 2007

Gold MAXI Award, Nonprofit Renewals, Direct Marketing Association of Washington, 2007

Creativity in Fundraising Award, CDR Fundraising Group, 2007

Several years ago, as writer/author Michael A. Knipp continued to increase his readership through published articles in periodicals across North America and Europe, he encountered a problem: his very serious, often controversial essays conflicted with his lighter, celebrity-focused features and interviews.

To make a distinction between the two categories, Knipp created the pseudonym Mikey Rox to separate his award-winning content – which he continued to publish under his birth name – from the fluff, the bylines to which appeared as Mikey Rox.

As time passed, however, the name Mikey Rox proved more advantageous than Michael A. Knipp – it was press savvier, it looked better in print, and it lent itself to building a brand.

Eventually, as the publishing industry declined, forcing Knipp to reevaluate his creative priorities, the full potential of Mikey Rox – the man and the brand – was realized.

Today, Mikey Rox is no longer just an alias. It’s an adopted name that signifies who and what Mikey Rox is as the principal of Paper Rox Scissors: Edgy, daring and unwilling to adhere to the rules of an outdated “establishment.”

With Paper Rox Scissors, Mikey Rox is committed to building a different kind of company – one at which internal politics has no place, colleagues have unlimited license to enhance clients’ intellectual properties, and creativity lives free of the professional pessimism that plagues an already ailing industry.

They say it can’t be done. We say watch and learn.

Paper Rox Scissors
161 W. 133rd St., #4A
New York, NY 10030
P: 347.726.9797

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